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(March 28th, 2015)

Cafe 54 took a walk at NAMIWalk 2015 to help support the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) raise funds dedicated to building better lives for the millions of American’s affected by mental illness. The ultimate goal for NAMIWalk is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by providing education, advocacy and support for those affected by mental illness including individuals, family members and the community at large.

The Café rose $700.00+ dollars to help support the cause as we walked for friends, family and loved ones. In addition, our new food truck rose to the occasion serving free slices of watermelon and Gatorade for the thousands of hot, thirsty walkers participating in the event. We had a great time at NAMI Walk 2015! It was an inspiration to be among so many recovery-minded individuals. Here are a few shots of the Cafe and Truck 54 representing us at the walk!


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What does Cafe 54 do?

One in four adults in America experiences a mental illness in a given year (61.5 million Americans). The unemployment rate for these individuals is 80%. The majority of individuals with mental illness want to work, but only 2% receive support in finding employment. Our programs prepare individuals to succeed through providing job training, placement, and support as they learn to manage their symptoms on the job and reenter the working community.


What do your donations accomplish?

You help individuals overcome poverty, mental illness, and stigma through supporting them as they build skills and confidence, find jobs in the careers of their choosing, and become self-supporting, stable, and fulfilled members of their communities. You sustain a program that changes lives.


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