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Job Development

Employment specialists work one-on-one with trainees to explore career paths in which trainees are interested. Cafe 54 employment specialists facilitate each trainee's job search, providing resume building help, interview practice, and all other skills necessary to finding and maintaining employment. Coyote TaskForce establishes relationships with businesses throughout the Tucson community so that trainees have a variety of options when searching for employment. After a trainee finds work, Cafe 54 provides support for as long as necessary to guarantee successful long-term employment.



When a Cafe 54 trainee is hired, a job coach from Cafe 54 may assist the individual in job training at his or her new place of employment. This service is provided at no cost to the employer. Cafe 54 strives to place trainees in supportive work environments where they will use their skills to benefit employers and become valued long-term employees, putting recovery to work and reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Cafe 54 is always seeking supportive employers who need skilled workers and who wish to create opportunities for individuals who need a fresh start. Please call us at 520-622-1907 and ask for an employment specialist to meet your next employee.


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