Cafe 54 Art Program

Invest in Art, Invest in an Artist's Future

Café 54's Art Foundation was established to provide individuals recovering from mental illness with the opportunity to express themselves through art, and to reach a wider audience through showing their art at Cafe 54's vibrant downtown location.

Local business Sarnoff Art Supplies & Framing has partnered with Café 54 to furnish art supplies, framing, and matting at a discounted rate for artists through the program. Tips from the Café and catering are allocated to the Art Fund. Funding is available to any individual in recovery from mental illness and engaged in services with a behavioral health provider.

Interested artists present their work to the Cafe 54 Art Foundation Coordinator. The individual is given art supplies to create new artworks. Upon invitation, individual works of art will be selected to be showcased for sale. All profits from any artwork sold is returned directly to the artist.

For more information about purchasing art or becoming a Cafe 54 Art Foundation participant, please contact Cafe 54 at (520) 622-1907.






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