About Coyote TaskForce


Coyote TaskForce, a peer-run agency, employs a dynamic team of Employment Specialists committed to finding meaningful work opportunities for its members in the greater community. CoyoteTaskForce offers one-on-one individualized job development to members, along with a continuum of other employment and recovery services, including a supportive, work-focused volunteer community at Our Place Clubhouse (http://www.ourplaceclubhouse.org/) and hands-on pre-employment training at Cafe 54 and Truck 54 (https://www.truck54.org).


About Cafe 54

More than an eclectic restaurant located in Tucson’s downtown arts district, Cafe 54 is a unique job development and pre-employment training program for adults recovering from mental illnesses. Cafe 54's award winning program includes pre-employment training for a variety of positions such as line and prep cooks, servers, cashiers, catering, and others.



The Staff


Mindy Bernstein Executive Director, Coyote TaskForce

Bruce Bowden Job Developer / Job Coach

Kim Clawson Vocational Coordinator / Job Coach

Laura Dow Food Truck Job Coach

Diana Figueroa Food Truck Program Manager / Job Coach

Joanna Keyl Development Coordinator / Job Coach

Janet Llamas Job Developer / Job Coach

Orlando Montes Program Manager / Job Coach

Jennifer Ruhl Program Manager / Job Coach

Cristina Siqueiros Catering Manager / Job Coach

Galen Snyder Front of House Job Coach

Peggy Starr Job Coach

Laurie Taylor Front of House Manager / Job Coach

Board of Directors


Leonard S. Teiber, Esq President

Gina Rossi Secretary

Lori Green Treasurer

Mindy Bernstein

Doreen Scherf

Sheila Wilensky



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